Research in Experimental Design: Objects (RED Objects) is a group of design practitioners and researchers exploring the relationships between design, craft, visual art, and their commentaries. Based at the School of Design Studies, College of Fine Arts, UNSW, the group comprises of Katherine Moline, Karina Clarke, Jacqueline Clayton, Liz Williamson, Wendy Parker and Rod Bamford.

Since forming in 2010, RED OBJECTS have developed projects to query the borders of design, craft and visual art. Their experimental practice encompasses these fields, as well as theorising and facilitating other experimental design researchers with a platform for discussion.

This interest in collaboration saw RED OBJECTS host an international symposium titled Collaboration in Experimental Design Research in 2011. The two-day symposium drew out a cohesive and timely discussion on the nature of collaboration, challenges in collaborative design projects (ethical, political, cultural) and the future of collaborative design practices.

RED OBJECTS’ inaugural self-titled exhibition of 2011 showcased recent work by the six practitioners. From three-dimensional printing experiments to innovative ceramic chemistry, the designers’ curiosity in material and conceptual processes is foregrounded.

Investigating the parameters of design in relation to visual art and craft, RED Objects examine the influences of modern art in design and the historical links between high and low technologies and distribution systems. Their research focuses on how emergent interdisciplinary design practices question and challenge social conventions in relation to histories of design and cultural exchange. In particular, RED Objects explore the space where studio practice engages with social action, sustainable resource management, and where the experimental meshes with the expressive. Ongoing explorations of the hybridity and differences arising between the fields of design, craft and visual art, mass production and the handmade, physical and virtual, and the past and future has led to the formation of the RED Objects group, encouraging practice based research.

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