Revival and Innovation: The Evolution of Aari Embroidery

Asif Shaikh: Free lecture

Monday 15th April, 6pm F102 COFA

Asif will explain his design practice, integrating traditional embroidery techniques with contemporary textile and fashion designs

Asif Shaikh, a graduate in Interior Design from Ahmedabad University, Gujarat, India launched his exhibition Resurgence in 2012 celebrating twenty years of embroidery design and production. His work and skills are widely acknowledged in India and abroad.

In 2005 Asif was selected by UNESCO-PARZOR, India to revive Parsi Gara embroidery and in 2008 he was commended by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London for reviving 18th C Aari work. He was an invited speaker at both the 2010 Weft forum in Kuching & the 2012 Weft forum, Kuala Lumpur where his fashion range was showcased. In early 2013 Asif presented Reviving Embroidery Techniques in Gujarat at the Endangered Textile Traditions seminar SAOA University of London.

Today, under his expert guidance, fifteen artisans produce a range of creations that are a clever juxtaposition of contemporary style and traditional textile techniques. His recent work is noted for its commitment to natural hand woven fabrics coloured with natural dyes and embellished with naturally dyed threads.

Asif has a strong sense of community and regularly volunteers his skills & services as an embroidery teacher and designer to NGOs and community groups such as the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) and Gram Shree. He has contributed articles to many notable publications including The Times of India and Textile Perspective (UK) and was featured in the March 2010 issue of the The Asian Arts Society of Australia’s journal, ‘An Afternoon in Ahmedabad’ by Carole Douglas.

‘No matter how fanciful, I love to give shape to an idea and bring it to life using timeless techniques with an innovative twist’ Asif Shaikh